Your Inspector

Your Inspector

Cracked and corroded 74 year old cast iron drain line.

Zinsco Main Electric Panel, a known fire hazard due to unreliable breakers.

Baling wire holding the chimney flue together...not a recommended repair.

Leaking main water shut off valve

Foil tape "sealing" a disconnected HVAC air distribution duct

Cracked roof vent flashing

A few problems going on here...

Brand new houses have issues too. This fascia board's cut edge is in contact with roofing and will suffer moisture damage over time.

Inadequate flashing can allow water to penetrate behind siding and trim.

Double tapping with a copper and a aluminum wire at the main neutral lug...Not a recommended practice.

Keyed locks on the inside of doors present a safety hazard during a fire. This side of the home had bars on the windows and three such doors, all were locked and the keys could not be located.

Double tapping of the main panel.

A crawl space with 40 plus years of accumulated stored items...

A disconnected dryer vent hose in the attic.

Live wires under a kitchen sink.

Two bathroom fan vent hoses and the dryer vent hose...all loosely connected to a roof vent in the attic.

Another brand new house, this time with a soffit board laying loose on the roofing shingles, under the eave.

50 plus year old cast iron drain pipes

Not a good sign if your wire changes from white to brown to black...this needs a electrician, stat!

This older home was missing some flashing, allowing water to penetrate behind the siding.

This conduit penetrates part of the fire separation wall in a garage and should be sealed. It appears they started to caulk the gap with fire resistant caulk and then ran out?

Federal Pacific Stab Lok Main Panel...another known fire hazard.

Another brand new house...this time, with water pooled in the window track due to a clogged drain and misaligned sprinklers.

I go where you don't want to...

This is a slight weep on the line connecting a well pump to the a pressure tank...this could get worse, fast.

My trusty steed...

Great view of the neighborhood...

Evidence of "slight" water intrusion. Fresh paint didn't fix the problem.

Evidence of a leaking pipe above the insulation.