Great experience! Would recommend to anyone. Friendly and knowledgeable.

Tim did an excellent job of our home inspection. We were there with him while he inspected the house, and he was very thorough both in the inspection itself and in the report he produced afterwards. He was also very good in answering all of our questions about the things he inspected, and he was even able to give us ballpark estimates of how much it would cost to perform the various repairs he recommended. Last but not least, he was friendly and pleasant to be around. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone else needing a home inspection.

Tim did a great job! He was professional and very thorough. I was impressed with his knowledge and helpfulness. He took the time to explain everything and answered all my questions. The inspection report he provided was very detailed with photos included. I would definitely recommend him.

Work with Tim Mether, and you will find that he is a very hard working and honest home inspector. Very knowledgeable about the work he performs and he does not cut corners or shy away from challenges. He is on your side as a buyer/seller 100% and committed to giving you the most comprehensive assessment of the home you are having inspected so that you know exactly what you are looking at. Also, just a very nice person and family guy. Always nice to work with other nice people.

The Inspector made himself available multiple times after the closing of the home and throughout the process, Extremely thorough and saved me thousands when he pointed a joist problem that previously had been missed by other inspectors and the sellers.

Cannot Recommend enough for First time home buyers, experienced sellers or anything in between!

Tim did a wonderful job for my family and I. He takes his time and makes sure you get a detailed home inspection and that you know exactly what you are buying. He takes the extra time to make sure you know what you're buying. His reports are detailed and when he points out minor issues he makes sure you know they are not a major issue but rather just a maintenance item to look at. Tim will go the extra mile to make sure you know what condition your home is in.

We hired Tim from Kestrel to carry out a home inspection for a new home we purchased in Kennewick. We have built and purchased many homes in our time and this was by far the most thorough and professional home inspection that we have ever done. Tim not only identified a number of issues during the inspection, he followed up by meeting the builder onsite on two separate occasions to ensure that all of the items had been rectified. I would highly recommend him if you ever have the need for a home inspection.

I have seen the reports and thoroughness of his inspections. Each house is different and I liked the fact that he took his time and made sure that he looked the entire house over from top to bottom, inside and outside.

As for the gentleman who said "as a seller" too bad that you were inconvenienced. It is the purview of the buyer how long they may want the inspection to take. If you are seeking expect this to happen. The buyer is doing their due diligence.

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